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"Once again you raise the paradigm of Vinyasa Yoga to an awakened, alluring, igniting, creative, elegant, graceful, artful... and functional space. You truly are one very gifted and appreciated Yoga teacher. I am grateful for your offering as it allows me the freedom to explore my own creative juices as a Yoga student/teacher. This series is one of the most remarkable teaching sets in the marketplace today."

Namaste The 5 Elements

Kate´s new dvd has the extraordinary production value we saw in the first 2 seasons of Namaste, with added attention to details of teaching Yoga. The superb value, is in her appearance (unlike in the original tv shows), both as a teacher, as a demonstrator of the ability that comes with 40 years of practice. She is unafraid to show that being half a century old is not a problem, but rather a testament to the practice itself. Found on the dvd is the teachings of Ayurveda and the application to Asana, short and long practices, as well as the new sequence called Fire Fan, a pilot for her third season of Namaste television seen around the globe. There are wonderful teaching tools, like watching the movements in slow motion while Kate explains the poses and the transitions. This is a dvd that everyone should own, no matter how new or experienced you may be, to learn from a teacher who loves the art form through and through.

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There is no doubt that this is one of the most finely crafted teaching programs I have had the opportunity to enjoy. By craft I mean the amalgamation of art and science. The sequences are beautifully organized in terms of structure and function, and the prompting is relevant and deeply enriching.In the 6 years I have been teaching vinyasa yoga many videos and DVDs have found their place in my library. Your series will occupy front row standing once I order the first season(tomorrow).

I am so proud to be Canadian, and even more proud knowing such a gifted teacher as yourself resides on my doorstep. I consider myself fortunate to have trained with the likes of Shiva Rae in vinyasa yoga, and will now look forward to studying with you during a retreat in the future. ...Lance

It's kind of surreal but the day before my 43rd b-day I was sitting in the dentist chair and chose to watch your program on fit tv. It helped me get through a teeth cleaning. Then I found out my former manager had sent me your dvd. It was really neat, I ended up working out to your dvd on the eve of my birthday and decided that would be the thing I would incorporate too with my other exercising routine...Debbie

I LOVE Namaste Yoga, there is not just one special thing I love, but the synergy of each element... your voice, the music, the beautiful scenery, the women demonstrating, the breathing; all of it speaks to me and through me in ways I find no words for. I appreciate that you have given so much and inspire others, myself included, to do the same. Thank you.

There is so much more I could say but I imagine much has been said already, repeatedly. Though one thing I cannot ignore is how deeply Namaste Yoga speaks to me, as though it was created especially for me. It is my guess this is not the first, nor the last, time you will hear this comment. Something inside me has been "stirring" for some time now and through my commitment to this simple 30 minute program I feel my own awakening. Oh, the beauty and wonder of it all...Renee Clark

Your yoga instruction has been my favorite as I've explored several different approaches and classes. It is so gentle and yet strong simultaneously, and the flow of it is amazing. I enjoy the time you
give to "deepen" into the poses, and I love that the poses build upon one another until you have an entire sequence. As I follow along, I find that I feel proud of my body and of being a woman, and I am also inspired to extend that feeling of well-being and mind-body connectedness as I continue through myday...Tara

I was in the midst of a 4 day migraine. My daughter in law had just finished message therapy on me and I was laying on the floor praying the waves of nausea and pain would subside. I could feel the migraine slowly starting to break up, and was going to wait a few minutes then start doing some slow stretches. I was flipping through the channels while I waited and that's when I came across Namaste Yoga. The music was very soothing and I just felt compelled to try it. I was more relaxed after that episode than I have felt in years.

I've been doing Namaste Yoga 3 to 6 days a week. I have asthma and have suffered from serious health issues for several years. (Our old house got mold in the walls and it did a lot of damage to my lungs before we realized what was wrong - that was 3 yrs ago and I am still recovering). Since last November when I started Namaste Yoga I've seen a dramatic improvement in my overall health. The asthma has been the most prominent improvement. I seldom have attacks anymore, and I have been able to cut down to less than half of the medication I had been using. I believe one day I will be free of it altogether. What has impressed me the most. Is that I have seen more improvement in my lung function since I started doing your yoga, than I saw with over 2 yrs. of medication.

Anyway, I just wanted to write and say "thank you". Your yoga has changed my life forever. I just wish I had the words to adequately express my gratitude for the help it has given me. I can't wait till the day when I can get your first & second seasons on dvd...Lanaye, USA

I am a late comer to yoga as I have just turned 62. I find that I can't do the poses as well as a youngster but I try to do them the best as I can. I do enjoy it and look forward to each show. I even find myself laying in bed at night thinking about the poses and how I can get better at them. I ordered the DVD's so I can get better at it and I can miss a show once in a while. The only thing I really have a problem with, is balance. Is there some secret?

I came across the program on HDNet and fell in love with it, I threw my other Yoga DVDs away because they seemed useless after seeing Namaste. Thank you for your wonderful, whole body, balancing approach, as someone who has dealt with old athletic injuries my whole life, this is the best Yoga series I have ever come across...Layla

I started practicing yoga 2 years ago after a chronic neck condition worsened to the point I could no longer lift weights. I am only 41 and have always been active and was struggling to find something I could do to maintain body strength. Even Mat Pilates was too much stress on my neck, and there were days when going for a brisk walk caused nerve irritation too. A trainer recommended Yoga to me, but I continued to struggle as I had problems holding some of the poses as long as the instructors wanted me to.

I was thrilled when I discovered your program on FitTV. We don't have that channel in Indy and I had never heard of "Namaste Yoga." From the first show I saw, I was hooked! I love the flow of the poses and the pace of the movements. I can tell I have already increased in strength in the few weeks I've been here...Valerie