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Ayurvedic Yoga

According to Ayurveda, each individual will show imbalance differently. Yoga postures which are beneficial to some are not necessary for others. Learn about the combination of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha in you and learn the postures, the mudras, and the pranayamas which will balance your particular constitution. Kate will make you a specific program complete with drawings, explanations, and even a cd of your class voiced by Kate.

One hour consult $100.00
Personalized program $100.00
Personalized program on CD $75.00

Special package 4 private sessions $500.00
• Personalized Yoga program charted
• Personalized Yoga program on CD
• Bonus DVD Namaste The 5 Elements
• Bonus DVD Namaste Half Moon Sequence

Cancellation policy.
48 hours notice no charge
24 hours 50% charge
same day full charge

Pricing: All prices are subject to gst

"Kate’s presence is deeply felt in her classes, but it is my private sessions with her that really opened my confidence in her intuitive medical under-standing of the body: I found, with relief, I could give myself completely over to her knowledge. Even in my home in Boston, a continent away, she continues to influence me."  - Tenley E. Albright, M.D.