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Namaste Season 1

Season One features the complete first season (thirteen episodes) shot in high definition television amidst some of the world's most breathtaking scenery. Namaste merges stunning photography and hypnotic music with authentic 'Hatha Vinyasa' practice. The series can be used to lift your skills to another level, or if you're a beginner, to introduce you to the world of yoga. A healthier, and more serene life awaits...

Series I is offered as a 2 Disc set

1 – Exalted Warrior Sequence
A dynamic flow series of standing poses.

2 – Sun-Moon Sequence
A series which is designed to balance the energy of the right and left sides of the body.

3 – Firebird Sequence
A personal favorite of Kate's with hip openers, and gentle springs.

4 – Gate Opening Sequence
A graceful flow, using both strength and balance.

5 – Dancing Sun Sequence
A flow which will to stimulate and refresh the body.

6 – Half Moon Sequence
A challenging sequence with a combination of warrior poses and half moon balances.

7 – Earth Series
Calming, gentle poses in a sequence that stays close to the earth.

8 – Lotus Link Sequence
A graceful flowing series.....feel your energy blossoming!

9 – Water Light Sequence
Both calming and energizing, a wonderful pick-me-up for your day.

10 – Revolved Triangle Sequence a
Challenging sequence of poses woven together with triangles and twists.

11 – Head to Knee Sequence
Encouraging strength and flexibility of the spine, hips and legs.

12 – Crane Series
One of the most challenging Namaste sequences – have fun and take care.

13 – Riding the Wind Sequence
A dynamic series full of the expression of flight.

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