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Namaste Season 2

Namaste, Season Two features the entire second season (thirteen episodes) shot in high definition amidst some of the world's most breathtaking scenery. Kate Potter, one of Canada's leading yoga teachers, leads you through pose sequences that are dynamic, yet gentle; invigorating, yet calming. Let Namaste lift your existing practice to another level, or introduce you to the blessing that is yoga. ~Namaste.

Series II

1 – Sunbird Sequence
The Sunbird Sequence wakes up the spine, and energize the limbs.

2 – Heart Opening Sequence
The Heart Opening Sequence stimulates flow of energy from the heart centre.

3 – Triangle Sequence
A classic standing sequence

4 – Warrior Series
The Warrior Series encourages a graceful strength, and grounded energy.

5 – Sun Wind Sequence
Try Sun Wind Sequence to lift your spirits

6 – Seated Twist Sequence
A slower paced, yet challenging flow sequence.

7 – Coming Home Sequence
Master this sequence of earthy poses flowing into balances, and you will know you are home.

8 – Swan Sequence
A graceful and elegant sequence for all levels of effort.

9 – Third Eye Sequence
Let this sequence lead you into building your courage and confidence.

10 – Heart-Mind Sequence
Leave your self judgment behind, and give it a try.

11 – Spring Wind Series
Learn the Spring Wind Series for calm energy boost.

12 – Dove Sequence
The Dove Sequence takes a bit of practice. Have some fun!

13 – Dancing Shiva Series
An advanced practice which strengthens all the joints

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