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What is THE biggest wish for happiness you can hold? Really and truly, what is happiness that you can stand behind as a possibility? Is it a peaceful life? Is it a successful career? Is human connection your main drive?

If you live with chronic pain, chronic depression, chronic addiction, (or even just chronic procrastination), there is a good chance you do not hold much hope in happiness. Faith just seems to get used up, and big happiness is not a realistic goal. The suffering of a body/mind caught, is the suffering of much of humanity.


My Story

I was always an active person, a happy type, and a positive athlete in my youth. I have had a personal Yoga practice since I was very young, and grew up with a bundle of confidence and good health. So when I got sick with a chronic pain disease, I was quite taken aback. I lived with fibromyalgia for 8 years, and tried every darn therapy and medication out there. I lived in so much pain and was so limited by it; I honestly lost my faith. After so many years of searching, I finally found the tools to re- pattern the brain, and re-configure the messaging which seemed to affect my every cell. I give thanks to Phil Parker whose work in the "Lightening Process" allowed me to access many of these tools. I also credit the ancient wisdom of Yoga, which asks us to use disease as an opportunity to heal our deepest beliefs. My understanding of Ayurveda, as well as a lifetime of studying the body, has given me a strong desire to help those who have had less experience in healing themselves than I have.

My belief is that I have trained my brain to reroute the pain signals, and to reboot the normal neural pathways which had somehow been derailed. I believe in training happiness. I am teaching simple tools to get the brain "on side". One must use the brain to launch and maintain a happy life. This happiness I speak of is so large, it makes room for life's certain sorrow, and includes the ability to feel compassion for the world. It is not just a flush of giddy joy, or happy go lucky charm I speak of.

New Pathways Yoga Therapy

I have seen the need for a therapy which gives direct clear instructions to the brain. Think of it as two levers. One marked, “Stop that thought" and another marked " Do that thought". One needs to pull the right lever, and funny as it sounds, it is easy to get them mixed up. It is possible a thought like....."You can do this" can get tossed out, while a thought like "There is no way" can be accepted. If that lever keeps getting pulled, every cell in the body may just get that message!

Many types of Yoga Therapy teach to observe closely what is coming up and to be open to emotions and feelings. The problem with brains is they like repeated messages. It is not enough to observe a thought which is triggering or responding to pain. A negative thought needs to be pruned, and deleted. Observation is just not enough when it comes to pain. I did so much observing pain; I became an EXPERT at pain, the way a practiced tennis player is an expert at coordination.

This method does not ask how the pattern started or where the pattern stemmed from? That is far too complex and may just bring up more doubt and fear. NEW PATHWAYS uses cues from the body, and bold direct hits to the brain, to once and for all, pattern in WHAT YOU WANT, not WHAT YOU FEAR.

Are You Skeptical?

That makes sense. Who isn’t skeptical who lives and knows suffering? One thing is for sure; if you do decide to sign up for a package I will coach you to put that skeptics’ angle aside for the time being. Otherwise, there really is no point. Remember, after doing the brain re- pattering exercises I learned, I was pain free from my 8 year illness in about a week. If I had not had such a fast and direct recovery from my FMS, I would never have believed the brain could be this powerful.

As if I needed more proof, this last year, I had a major setback, losing 30 pounds of muscle in a brush with death. Meningitis and Osteomyelitis could definitely be called harrowing. An infection to the cerebral spinal fluid and the bones of the spine can be fatal, or leave one with serious complications. I used my brain techniques through 6 weeks of hospital care and right on through to my full recovery. I felt "super human" building back up the muscle I lost. I just kept doing the exercise for the brain and telling myself how quickly I was recovering. My doctors have seen me recover from FMS, but this time I think, they were absolutely shocked at how quickly and easily I righted my full self.


I have specifically designed a complete package of Yoga, Breath and Ayurveda to keep you supported during this journey. If nothing else, you will have my 20 years of teaching Yoga to watch, listen and coach you into a personal practice. I see a practice in Yoga as a 20 min daily ABSOLUTE; a default position. It will be easy, soft and comforting and specifically designed for you.


Where? Private studio in Vancouver's West End. 1915 Haro Street.

When? 5 private sessions bookable online. Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays starting fall of 2012

How much? $650.00 plus tax

What is included?

  • 5 Private sessions with Kate,
  • a personalized Yoga program in printed copy
  • an Ayurvedic Assessment
  • complete New Pathways Brain RE-patterning Program
  • a CD of your Personalized Yoga Practice with Kate as your guide.

Session One:

YOGA MASSAGE: The client learns our first tool; how to breathe! A very specific progression of breath body massage is followed to ascertain physical clues of long held patterns. The client breaths using “ujayii breathing”, while applying and releasing” bandhas”. I work on muscle groups, asking you to first resist and then release while I support you. I then stretch muscle for you, I then massage, shake or roll the muscle. We go through the whole body like this with yoga postures as platforms to work from. This session is magnificent! You can really understand what comfort in the body can be. You can learn to trust my experienced hands. I have used this technique for many years.

Session Two:

STRUCTURAL AND AYURVEDIC ASSESSMENT: I make a personalized Yoga program for every client, and absolutely drive the point home, that it will be easy and it will be short. However, we must know the exact postures to prescribe according to your structure and your Ayurvedic constitution. Today, we also take time to review the breathing practice crucial for healing.

Session Three:

PERSONALIZED YOGA PROGRAM: Let me guide you in the program I have made for you. I will coach you on every aspect of breath, posture, mudra, guided relaxation and meditation included in your program. The idea is you take it home and do it every day for 20 minutes before we continue.

Session Four:

NEW PATHWAYS ONE: You have learned where your body is tight and how the body may be weak. You have taken simple steps to reassure you change is in process. Now for the BIG WORK! When do you give up? What thoughts go with the pain or depression you feel? What is the language of your mind when you are close to, or right inside, "THE PIT"? What phrases, what words, what images? If you are going to transform, it is a process of intervention, and replacement. Today we learn the ropes.

Session Five:

NEW PATHWAYS TWO: For one week, you have done the work of a champion. It is time to check in, review, fill in the blanks and give you a cd of your guided YOGA program. The most important point is this. If you don't do the work, you don't change. If you "only" DO the Yoga, change will happen, but slowly. If you do the YOGA and the brain work, and stick with it, TRANSFORMATION will be yours. You can now apply the tools to any aspect of your life. You will find the thrill of change so compelling, you will be hooked. You really can be the master of your own destiny with a steady easy effort. I am so excited to hear how you have applied this work. It is nothing short of thrilling.

"Don't idle away the time needed for practice, but rather practice in the spirit of a person trying to extinguish a blaze in his hair." Unbroken Practice, EIHEI DOGEN

Or email your questions to me at kate@katepotteryoga.ca.. If you have reservations or would like to just try a “one time consult”, I offer an introductory consultation for $85.00. I have worked with so many people in my 20 years of teaching, and know I have helped many people. However, I finally feel ready to get to the heart of the matter and help people faster, and further. I look forward to meeting you and working with you soon.