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Four Contemplations CD

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FOUR CONTEMPLATIONS: The Alchemy of Stillness
Kate Potter and Dirje Childs

Kate Potter, renowned Yoga teacher, and Dirje Childs, improvisational cellist, entwine cello and voice in this artful meditation CD.

The CD includes 8 tracks. The Prelude is a 3-minute practice to reset your busy day, and the Postlude, for a piece for getting to sleep at night, as bookends to the four longer meditations Each of these is an amalgam of voice and improvised cello compositions, both solo and layered. The last 2 pieces are cello only as a way to continue your practice right into a deep and restful sleep.

  1. Prelude: Reset and Refresh. A short practice to be done in your car, on the bus, while you wait, or even as you move about your day.
  2. Coming Home: To be done at your desk, on a cushion, or on your mat. The goal is to be at home in your body, anchored in breath.
  3. River Journeys: This practice could be done laying down, to wash away tiredness in the body and erase effort from the mind.
  4. A Dream Is Alive: This practice is done standing. The goal is to know your strength, and to gain strength through practice.
  5. Savasana: This practice could be done after yoga, or on its own. The goal is deep healing rest.
  6. Postlude - Sleep Away Sleep: We hope you will make this your trained habit at day's end, and like a child, fall into a deep and perfect sleep.
  7. Music Only - Reset and Refresh:Dirje Child's composition and playing to take you further along in your relaxation.
  8. Music Only - Sleep Away Sleep:The last of Dirje's pieces to take you into a deep and restful sleep.


"Kate Potter's gentle, loving voice guides us through savana with a clear understanding of how the quiet, alert mind and body can be attained by all who listen and follow. Paired with Dirje Childs' beautiful music, a still, strong magic takes place. The music is personal, warm, but never overpowers. Together, Kate and Dirje bring the listener to a place of calm strength."

– Rodney Sharman, former Composer-in-Residence of the Vancouver and Victoria Symphony Orchestras and the National Youth Orchestra of Canada.

"I am taken by this beautiful collaboration of Kate and Dirje. Truly a gift of complimentary energies, Dirje’s masterful handling of solo and layered improvisational structures gracefully accompanies and highlights the essence of Kate’s spoken word. Utilizing different models of cellos to guide the listener through the Contemplations, this unique synthesis of musician and practitioner celebrate stillness and peace. I have found that each track has its own special energy, with Dirje’s rich sonorous cello mingling and dissolving stresses with every breath. A joy to recommend!"

– Wayne Burak, Renowned Cellist and Luthier

"This CD is the product of two exceptional talents coming together to create something that is at once magical and practical. Use this CD not just to improve your physical and emotional well-being, but to add a touch of wonder and inspiration into your daily life."

– Amanda Riches, Yoga teacher and Director of Namaste TV

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Yoga/Meditation Cello Live

Kate Potter speaks about the process of recording her new CD of guided meditation.