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Kate’s strength as a teacher comes from her strength in practice first and foremost, continuing to shift and grow with the teachings. “Every day on the mat, and every day in the world, my wish is to develop compassion and peace; healing the body, focusing the mind, and living a radiant life.”

At the age of 8, Kate began her life long passion for dance, and thereby quite naturally developed a strong daily practice which she did not know at the time, was Yoga. An idea to study Indian dance took her on a solo journey to India in her 19th year. After several months of adventure, her Yoga teacher, Swami Chinmayananda appeared, and the years of interest in Asian philosophy became real. “There could not have been a more focused time in my life in terms of reading, study, listening to lectures, meditation practice, as well and private interviews with both my teacher and others like the Dalai Lama who lived only miles from our ashram”.

Years of change followed in adventurous jobs planting trees in remote locations in the North, gold mining in the Yukon, working the salmon canneries in Alaska, not to mention, dancing for companies in Vancouver. The one thing that held constant was Kate’s Yoga practice. “The physicality of those jobs would have been impossible to handle without a hatha practice. The hardships endured in work were a part of my overall strength I was given through Yoga.“

Kate’s main focus besides teaching classes and retreats, has been teaching Yoga as Therapy for all conditions. Her study of Ayurveda has given her an informed approach to personalize programs her students needs. In recent years her television show Namaste is seen worldwide on 5 continents. This unbelievable blessing has her teaching internationally, as well as planning on new adventures in production.

"The more you sense the rareness and value of your own life, the more you realize that how you use it, how you manifest it, is all your responsibility. We face such a big task, so naturally we sit down for awhile."

- Kobun Chino Otogawa Rishi

How To Create A Joyful Life With Yoga And Faith – STS66 – With Kate Potter

ONE DAY I HEARD that internal voice tell me to find Kate Potter. That was easy; her Namaste Yoga has been my go to practice since it first appeared on a TV show about ten years ago.

What was much harder for me was asking her to be a guest on this podcast? Why would she say yes? I have adored her work, and therefore her, for years. But she did, and her story is even more incredible than I expected – which is saying A LOT!

Kate shares her shift. It’s lovely, profound, and in the end deeply inspiring. If you haven’t yet heard of Kate, you are in for a treat. If you already know who she is, well, you wish I would just let Kate talk.

Okay, here you go!

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